How do I use Sageful?

We encourage you to do whatever intuitively feels right for you, but here is the recommended Sageful moment: 

  • Prepare the room. Open the windows to release any stagnant energy.
  • Quiet your mind, close your eyes and focus on an intention, manifestation or positive energy.
  •  Light the sage stick, allowing it to burn for about 20 seconds and gently blowing out the flame.
  • Purify your surroundings by gently guiding the sage clockwise on the walls, corners and floors, spreading the smoke out towards the exits.
  •  Sage yourself by slowly guiding the smoke around your body, starting from your toes to the crown of your head.
  •  Allow the sage to slowly and safely burn out naturally. 

What are the benefits of Sageful?

Sage can help attract positive energy into your life by taking a daily moment for yourself. Setting intentions and gratitude has powerful mood-boosting properties and can replace feelings of stress with peace and serenity. The natural fragrance of Sage leaves your home smelling fresh and clean.

How often is it recommended to use Sageful?

You can use Sageful as often as you desire! Anytime is a perfect time for a Sageful experience. Our community has shared that they find it helpful to time the practice with a new lunar cycle,  full moon, or to embrace the energies of major life changes.  We like to start our day with a Sageful moment in the mornings to help energize ourselves for the day..

 Can you reuse your Sageful stick?

We encourage you to use your Sageful stick until there is virtually no stick left.

Where is Sageful sourced?

Sageful is sourced through a female owned and operated property in California. Our Sage is grown in the wild on a farm and then hand wrapped by an incredible team of women. Sageful is never over harvested, we are committed to small batches and respecting the earth. Our continuous mission is to support BIPOC owned businesses and suppliers.

    When is it best to sage?
    • If you’re feeling stuck, under the weather and a sense of negativity, sage burning helps you clear this energy and start a fresh one!
    • When you're going through big changes in your life, such as moving into a new home,  starting a new job or going through a breakup.
    • It's definitely useful when you’re feeling down or anxious, it helps bring a sense of calmness by lifting up your mood.

    Can you reuse your sage stick?

    Of course! You can use the same stick more than once. How much you use depends on the size of your space. 

    What to do once you're finished?  

    Once you’re done with the sage stick, make sure there are no ashes still burning and store it away until your next sage burning.

     How long does delivery take ?

    We currently ship around Canada and the US! You can expect your delivery between 3-4 business days.